Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The day began with Heidi leading our daily devotional from Romans 12:1-5. Genesis 6:22 and Luke 5:4 translated by Pastor Matthews in Oromiffa. The passages capture the need to be united in one voice and one body while we serve our Lord not only through the teachings of the day but the interactions with one another.  Then we were off to the required and very much sacred flag ceremony where we were greeted with warm smiles from approximately 450 children ranging in age from kindergarten to seventh grade eager to start the day.   The sound of children’s voices in song and prayer rose above the breeze and rooster’s call with African joy.

Liv summoned the students to simulate the sound of a rain storming coming and going. The students were asked to emulate her movements with simple yet consistent hand gestures. The storm slowly moved in and then dissipated back to where it had come with snapping fingers, sliding palms and stomping of the earth. The application behind the message was to show that God brought rain during the time of Noah as well as God’s promise not to let it rain so significantly again. We were then ready to start the day with the teachings of Noah and the Ark.

Upon the conclusion of our teaching day, we had a walk through the village filled with life moments. We meandered through the fields and paths collecting curious children along the way. We were one line of people in a steady forward march, ready to visit old friends and sponsor families.  Our first stop was an old friend from previous trips, and we all received the most genuine hug, the kind that gives that extra moment of appreciation. As we came around the next bend, to our surprise, we were met by a freshly born goat, so recent in fact that the umbilical cord was still attached. Needless it say, it made for some great photos. It was as if the paparazzi had invaded Africa.

To be continued…


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