Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the morning we had a nice breakfast prepared by our gracious hostess, Stagay, at the Providence Guest House.  For those of us who had not been to Ethiopia before, the morning light gave the first glimpses onto the street, where people could be seen walking and the city unfolded with it’s mixture of cement buildings and those made of tin or whatever can be found.

Some of our team went out for the first half of the day to purchase a few forgotten items and some supplies we had planned to get in Addis.  We were surprised to find that it took 3 hours to purchase some basic medical supplies we were to take to Roggie Village.  This is Ethiopia.  What we could have picked up in 15 minutes at Target, took 3 hours of discussion and conversation, debate, recounting, and justification.  Things are slower here.  We are on Ethiopian time.

We took our photo in front of the guest house and loaded the bus up for our drive to Lake Sabana.  The bus was pelted by rain for much of our 5 hour drive.  We watched as the dirt ditches on the sides of the road filled with water and it looked as though the fields on either side of the vehicle would wash away in the flood.  As we listened to the thunder, we wondered if we would be able to make the drive through the pothole-filled dirt road to Roggie Village the next day.  “I hope so,” said Worede.  We imagined the idea of carrying all of our heavy luggage through the mud if the bus got stuck, and we all laughed.


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